Membership Agreement for the Correlation Network

Mission Statement Correlation Network

We work and contribute to a dignified life for vulnerable and marginalized groups in Europe. We are committed to marginalized groups, such as drug users, sex workers, migrants, MSM and young people in risk situations as well as people living with HIV and AIDS and other communicable diseases.

We work to improve the access to and the quality of medical and social services. We  work for a social Europe, in which marginal and vulnerable groups have a permanent place with the same (human) rights as everyone else.

We work with everyone involved in providing care to marginalized groups: professionals, researchers, policy makers, politicians, advocates and others. Most of all we work and cooperate closely together with the various communities involved. We advocate for a meaningful involvement of vulnerable and marginalised groups in the design and the implementation of services, as well as in the decsision-making process.

We exchange experiences and cooperate with respect for each other and with the idea in mind that we can all  learn from the experience of the other.