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The Correlation Network works and contributes to an increased quality of life for vulnerable and marginalized groups in Europe. We are committed to marginalised groups, such as drug users, sex workers, migrants, MSM and young people in risk situations as well as people living with HIV and AIDS and other communicable deseases.  We aim to improve the access to and the quality of medical and social services and work for a social Europe, in which marginal and vulnerable groups
have a permanent place with the same (human) rights then everyone else.




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See here selected examples of work and learn projects for disadvantaged groups from Europan countries.


 For more information:

Harm reduction and it' s principles and how to implement in Montenegro.
A report by the Monenegrin Harm Reduction Network and NGO Juventas.



Portugal is in the picture for it's innovative drug policy approach.

Read here a report bij APDES on
Austerity and the Portuguese Model'

Read here a report written by JP Augusto for SICAD
Evolution of the Portuguese Addiction Treatment System',



A call for EU leadership on drug policy: Principles and recommendations from EU civil society for EU engagement at the2016 UNGASS on drugs...



Correlation calls for articles on biomedical and public health aspects of HCV and drug use in Europe




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The SIT is an advanced chat tool, which is easily accesible and affordable, also for smaller organisations without large bugdets for internet outreach.

The SIT can be used for multiple purposes, but is specifically developed by an expert group of the Correlation Network for organisations, working with marginalised or vulnerable persons, such as drug users, sex workers, MSM and young people at risk.







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